Stories of Activism: Workshop, May 2012

We held our first public workshop in May 2012 at St Mary’s Community Centre, Bramall Lane, to discuss the nature of ‘activism’.

Stories of Activism collaborated between local activists and the Department of History at the University of Sheffield. At this point in the project, we were are in the early stages of planning and the workshop aimed to:

  • Build a rich picture of what we mean by activism in Sheffield
  • Explore what we would like the project to achieve and look like
  • Identify starting points, i.e. priorities for the first phase
  • Agree an inclusive and active process to take the project forward

It was clear that the workshop was in broad agreement on several areas: (i) the project should be a hub, from which other activities can develop and which people can refer to when pursuing their own endeavours; (ii) the project needs to be live and ongoing, creating connections and conversations between people; (iii) the project should support community activities, where stories can be collected by a range of people; (iv) there should be a wide range of events for communicating the stories of activism, from a museum and digital resources to engaging and using the creative arts to produce music, theatre pieces etc.; (v) the project should hold educational workshops, to help people develop skills which would allow them to pursue their own activities.

These principals and suggestions were to form the foundation of the entire Stories of Activism project.