Allowed Out: Songs and Stories of LGBT Activism, May-September 2012

Allowed Out: Songs and Stories of LGBT Activism in Sheffield


Stories of Activism collaborated with Out Aloud, Sheffield’s choir for lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender (LGBT) people, to produce a performance combining song with stories which dramatised the changing experiences of LGBT people in Sheffield over the past fifty years. The stories were generated and captured during workshops/interviews with members of the choir led by River Wolton, a professional writer and researcher from the Activist Archive project.  Interview transcripts/recordings and the performance itself provided material for the archive.  The objectives of the project were to (a) create a lively event bringing research narratives to life and giving voice to the experiences of LGBT people within the city (b) ensure that diverse Sheffield identities are represented at the Festival (c) raise the profile of the choir and the Activist Archive project within the city (d) generate new material for the Activist Archive project.

Members of the LGBT community subsequently took part part in free, friendly writing workshops, facilitated by local writer River in May and June 2012. Some of the writing was used (with author’s permission) in a multi-media performance by Out Aloud LGBT choir at University of Sheffield’s ‘Festival of the Mind’ in September 2012, and was deposited in the Stories of Activism archive in Sheffield Archives.

For more information on the choir visit, or on Twitter: @outaloud

Information about the material collected for the project and stored at Sheffield Archives.

Out Aloud Sheffield’s LGBT choir singing ‘Something Inside So Strong’ at a performance of ‘Allowed Out: Songs and Stories of LGBT Activism’